Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Freedom Ride 2017

I did my first Freedom Ride in 2010, peddling close to home, taking photos appropriate for the Fourth of July. The rides have expanded over the years going down into Pinecastle and up into College Park. Last year my wife and I spent a memorable Independence Day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at Strawberry Banke, an incredible collection of historic buildings. We saw a group of immigrants become U.S. citizens, heard Governor Maggie Hassan read the Declaration of Independence, and interacted with re-enactors depicting different eras in American history.

This year we are home for the Fourth, so I once again resumed my personal tradition of exploring my freedom with a bicycle-powered photo safari. I look forward to this ride every year.

Constitutional Reflections
Freedom to grow
Manhole Monolith
Cherokee Dreamcatcher
Up and down back and forth
County Colors
Leaper's Light
Concrete Majestic
Cool Gray
Shadow selfie
Pulse 2
Bars and scars
A bit faded
Natural patterns
Detention Retention
I seemed to focus on color and pattern this year. I try to let the pictures come to me now, if I had a deliberate intention it seems contrary to the concept of freedom. My favorite images tend to be simple and graphic, as a graphic designer, I think that's how I'm wired.

The weather was fairly comfortable for this time of year and the sky was a brilliant blue. The recent rains left many opportunities for reflections.
Until next year, enjoy your freedom and take time to notice your world, every day.

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