Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save the World Liquors sign!

I am unabashedly a vintage sign lover. I like neon, funky mid-century type, a little rust and any sign that moves, spins or flashes. In my mind there's few too many of these beauties left in Florida and I was saddened to learn that one of our best examples of mid-century signage is threatened. It actually may be gone already.

The authority on all things roadside, Debra Jane Seltzer has this to say about the World Liquors sign in St. Pete: "The 22' tall World Liquors sign was built in 1961. The globe stopped revolving in the 1970s. It was also internally illuminated originally."

She also posted a link to this article written last year with the headline "Retro liquor store sign must come down." The owner wants to expand his business and that means the sign must go. I'm not alone in my distress over loosing the roadside icon, here are some of the comments posted at the end of the article:

"Save that sign! Too many of St Petes wonderful old signs are fading away. Soon nothing with any character will be left!"

"Please save this sign! This is one of the last great pieces of "sign art" left in the city. We owe it to ourselves to keep such history."

"Save the sign! There is practically no Googie left in St Pete anymore..."

The last comment says "Thank you Dad, and my Landlord, Mary for saving the sign. This means a lot to a St. Pete native!!" So maybe it has been saved. Stay tuned while I continue to investigate....

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  1. Wow, what a terrific sign. I hope they can save it.

  2. I'm told that this sign is still standing and the development plans that threatened it, are for now, on hold!

  3. That sign always caught my eye, as well as the Sandman Motel sign on US 19. St. Pete still has plenty of mid-century eye-candy tho. The retirement homes Northeast of downtown could be locations for movies.

  4. St. Pete has some good mid-century relics still hanging in there. I love the Banayan Tree Motel sign....

  5. We love this sign and had the original design company look at restoration. It is history but can not be restored without breaking code and can't be moved without falling apart. Stay tuned and thanks for community support!
    Lisa and Paul Misiewicz - World Liqours.