Monday, October 25, 2010

Swampy the World's Largest Alligator

I came back from Arkansas itchin' to hit the road and take pictures and the weather in Central Florida is finally cooling off a bit and the lower humidity makes for better images. So I finally managed to stop by the third and largest of Central Florida's monumental alligators, Swampy the Giant in Christmas, Florida (the other two being the gator jaws entrance to Gatorland and the concrete behemoth at the Gator Motel on 1-92 in Kissimmee.) Swampy holds the record as the world's largest, but ironically enough I almost missed him as there is very little signage for the Jungle Adventures attraction when driving from the east (perhaps that is why there were only four cars in the parking lot on a Saturday).

According to, Swampy measures just over 200 feet and contains the gift shop and ticket office for Jungle Adventures. On this quick drive-by, I didn't visit the attraction, I'm saving that for another visit when I have more time.


  1. Did you take a picture of the train that went around the lake on top of Mt. Gaylor, AR?

  2. I love Swampy! He made a guest appearance in my third book, "Home of the Can Man's Daughter".