Sunday, January 2, 2011

Intentions for 2011

I titled this intentions because they are not really goals, but subjects I'd like to do posts about. Since Thanksgiving I've had a back log of material and it will take awhile to get through it. Look for upcoming posts on the Kapok Tree Restaurant, Nehrling House, Silver Springs, Potters Wax Museum and Vilano Beach. The end of the year was a flurry of day trips for me and my wife.

Detail from the former Kapok Tree Restaurant, Clearwater, FL

Retro signage in Vilano Beach

My biggest Goal for the year (capital G), is a project along the lines of last year's hillbilly project. It started as survey of all things Ponce de Leon in Florida, inspired by a 2008 visit to St. Augustine's Fountain of Youth. It has the potential to be much more, although I'm not sure what form the final product will take. More to follow.

So much of my travel will be Ponce related. Intention numero uno will be more visits to St. Augustine, to tour the former Ponce de Leon Hotel (now Flagler College) and document Poncebilia all over the nation's oldest town. I'd also like to visit Tallahassee (in Leon County) and the town of Ponce de Leon in the panhandle. And nearby Ponce Inlet too.

Former Ponce de Leon Hotel now Flagler College

A wedding in Naples in February hopefully will give me the opportunity to visit three great Florida sites: Everglades Wonder Gardens, Warm Mineral Springs, and Koreshan Unity State Park in Estero. Everglades Wonder Gardens is for sale and this old Florida roadside attraction may soon disappear.

Everglades Wonder Gardens from the State Archives of Florida

My November trip to Florida's Gulf coast whetted my appetite for more exploration of Tampa and St. Pete. And I want to go to either the Mod convention in Miami in March or Hukilau in Ft. Lauderdale in June. And speaking of South Florida, I'd really like to visit Henry Flagler's Whitehall in Palm Beach- that has been an intention since last year.

I hope to see most of that stuff and more and I hope to meet more interesting people along the way. I also want to thank everyone who reads my posts – it means a great deal to me when readers visit the places I blog about or tell me about new ones. It helps me keep a sense of wonder and excitement as a travel about in the state I'm in. Here's to a fantastic 2011 full of great discoveries for all of you.


  1. Rick:

    Am inspired both by your blog and your photography. Am trying to do a better job documenting my own travels as a result. Keep it up, it's bringing a little piece of Florida home to me here in Tennessee!


  2. Thanks Bob for the inspiration- 5 more posts to 300!

  3. When you make it over to Tampa, maybe you'll drop me a line. I appreciate your sense of history and would enjoy a chat or joining you on a photo walk. Looking forward to your Ponce de Leon project!

  4. Hey Rick, keep up documenting those great Floridiana finds. Also in Tampa and may have some great mid-century places for you to check out here, and maybe a few Ponce related sites as well. Can't wait for your Kapok Tree post, one of the most magical places I ever went to as a child.

  5. Amanda- thanks! I've been to the Fountain of Youth in St. Pete; I'm excited to find more Ponce sites!