Wednesday, June 1, 2011

De Leon Springs' Queenie the Waterskiing Elephant passes away

I received this email from Liz Dane, Queenie the Elephant's original owner last night:

"Folks - The last chapter in my "Memories of Queenie" has been completed.

I last saw Queenie in January and knew that it probably wouldn't be much longer before I would get the "dreaded" phone call. Debbie, Queenie's main caregiver, made that call to me this morning.

Queenie was laid to rest yesterday - Debbie was with her until the end and gave Queenie one last hug and kiss from me. Debbie and Queenie developed a very special bond. I am so grateful for all that Debbie and the rest of the caregivers at Wild Adventures did to make Queenie's life the best that it could possibly be.

If you would like to see and hear the news that was broadcast this evening on a local Valdosta, GA TV station - click on the following link. You should then see a video clip with a "start icon" on the right of the screen.

Memorial Day will have an extra special meaning for me from now on.

Take care - Liz"

I had the opportunity to meet Liz in person in February at De Leon Springs. It was a great thrill to walk the grounds with Liz and hear firsthand what it was like to perform in the days of great Florida roadside attractions. It was clear she had a special connection with Queenie, and Liz loved talking about her days performing there. She brought a video created from home movies of her act with Queenie, and it was amazing. I believe they run the video in a loop at the little museum at DeLeon Springs, so that Liz and Queenie can continue to entertain a whole new generation.


  1. I knew Queenie as a child and William Green was my uncle. I will miss them both.
    Hi Liz, I hope your doing well down in Concord.

  2. I would like to know where I can see the new show that was made about Liz and Queenie. My email is