Thursday, April 30, 2009

Visual Ephemera goes back to school

Conway Elementary is one of the oldest schools in Central Florida, tracing its roots back to the original two room Conway School that opened in 1875. The old 1954 building recently gave way to a brand new school that is a state-of-the art facility. One of the traditions they've carried on from the old school is Arts at Conway Day. The entire day is devoted to teaching students about the arts – from opera to television technology.

I participated in this annual event for the second time and asked two classes to help create content for today's blog. The assignment was to create artwork based on what they liked best about Florida. Students were asked to write, draw or work on a postcard template I provided. No one elected to write much, but I was very impressed with their artwork (it may take more than one blog to show it all!) I'm not sure whether or not I taught the kids anything, but maybe pausing to consider their favorite thing in Florida will make them appreciate the "state they're in."

Caption reads "I like that Florida is so beautiful filled with all kinds of trees and plants and rivers." By Diamond

By Billie

By Jordan

By Samoth

By Mauriana

By Paloma

By Alexandra

by McKenna

By Dayton

By Justin

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