Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Train Station Photo Contest

Orlando's 1927 Train Station is wonderful from both architectural and historical points of view. And its distressed condition allows for great textures for photography. On a recent photo expedition I fell in love with the fading colors on the rusting boxcars, the cracking paint on the walls of the station, and even the gravel under the tracks. I could have filled up the entire memory card with details alone, but the I ran out of battery before I snapped every inch of the place.

The City of Orlando's Historic Preservation Board also sees the artistic value of the station and has chosen it and the 1889 Railroad Depot on Church Street to be the subjects of their annual calendar for 2010. Guidelines are to create images that capture the architectural character of either of the two stations, day or night. They are choosing 13 black and white images and each winner receives a $100 honorarium. Leave a comment if you'd like more details.


  1. Nice decay shots. Long live decay, I always say.

  2. Hello... I just wanted to let you know that I love your photography and the information that you have found for this area. It is wonderful stuff.... If you could also I would love to get some more information about the train station contest. I had the article clipped out but have since lost the send in info.. Thank you very much for any help...

    here are a few of my train station pictures:

    Thank you again.