Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Florida Bowling Alleys

I started photographing old signs years ago in an effort to try to document a part of Florida that seemed to be disappearing at rapid rate. So many of my images are mediocre prints, but Photoshop allows me to re-crop and intensify their color. As I transition to a digital library from conventional photography, I discovered the online community at a Flick'r to be a great resource for these images. It's interesting to me that photographs are not longer called "shots", but are now referred to as "captures."

Debra Jane Selzer, aka Agilitynut, recently started a Flick'r group for roadside bowling alley signs, so I took it as an opportunity to scan some of these from my early travels across the state.

Gainesville, FL

Sarasota, FL

Kissimmee, FL

Panama City, FL

Panama City, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Winter Park, FL


  1. Nice "captures." A bit of vegas in Florida! I've been exploring flickr too, lately. Tons of designers posting to groups.

  2. This but a portion of what's out there- I know there a couple nice bowling alleys in St. Pete, but haven't photographed them yet...