Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Florida hot spots for 2010

I managed to hit most of the spots I wanted to see at this point last year, so this year I'm going list some goals for visits around the state.

First, in my own backyard:
I want to see the giant alligator building and visit Jungleland Adventures in Christmas, Florida.
I need to get back to Blue Springs near De Land and see the manatees.
And it may be time for a trip back to Gatorland too.
I'd also like to take part in more local historical tours like that of Greenwood Cemetery located just up the street from my home.

Further out:
I really want to re-visit Silver Springs in Ocala
I'd like to do more exploring the area where I grew up near Gainesville (in particular visit La Chua Sink and Devil's Millhopper.)
I need to get over to the west coast of Florida again, in particular to see what's left of Treasure Island and to visit the Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in person.
I'd also like to visit Spongearama in Tarpon Springs and take a trip to Rainbow Springs as well.

I'd love to get to Soloman's Castle in Ona, Florida and see the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Florida Southern Campus in Lakeland. Also while I'm in Polk County, I'd love to dine at Chalet Suzanne!

I need to get up to St. Augustine and visit the original Ripley's, The Alligator Farm, Potter's Wax Museum and tour Flagler College. And perhaps stop at Washington Oaks State Park on the way up! And there is much to see and document in the Jacksonville area.

In addition I would like to continue to learn about the fascinating folks who made Florida the interesting place that it is today; artists, entrepreneurs, performers, and pioneers.

It's a tall order, as much of the year it is just too hot to comfortably do anything outdoors. And I also want to always leave new things to see in 2011. Have you made a list of sites to see and things to do in 2010?


  1. Potter's Wax Museum is a disaster now. All the figures are jammed into a tiny store front. They are covered in dust and cobwebs. It is very sad.

  2. That's disappointing about Potters, but maybe I'll got to that castle place instead! I just added the Tampa Hotel built by Henry Plant (now the University of Tampa) to my list.

  3. I have list of places I want to take my nieces to visit before they dissapear - old Florida stuff. Sadly, I missed taking them to Cypress Gardens before it closed.

  4. Cypress Gardens will be back in some form or another i suspect...

  5. We always take out of town visitors to Blue Springs to see the manatees. We start the day with breakfast at the old sugar mill restaurant in the DeLeon state park. Everyone gets a kick out of cooking their own pancakes on the griddle built into the table. The boat ride or a walk thru the grounds is relaxing.