Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't forget the non-profits!

Here are a few of my favorite organizations that could use your holiday contributions during these challenging economic times:

The Society for Commercial Archeology
I discovered the SCA in 2002 and attended the conference in Reno, Nevada. It's for anyone who loves roadside architecture, signage and structures of the 20th century. This year's conference was in Albuquerque.

World's Largest Things, Inc.
Erika Nelson's presentation at this year's SCA conference was a huge hit. Her non-profit organization is home to the Worlds Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Version of the World's Largest Things.

The Historical Society of Central Florida, Inc.
Okay this is a client too, but they are doing all they can to keep history alive in Central Florida and that's very important to me. And they have a rockin' journal!

Heifer International
My company supports this organizational annually. Committed to ending hunger world-wide, you can give a share of a goat for just $10.

Friends of Florida State Parks Inc.
Everyday in our local paper are more stories of budget cuts on the state level. We have an amazing state park system in Florida, this organization will help it stay this way.

On a national level:
National Trust for Historic Preservation

The Nature Conservancy

National Audubon Society

Don't forget the person or place that feeds your spirit and nutures your soul,whether it is a church, temple, park or just a friendly smiling face. Now is the season for giving to what gives to you. You make the world a better, more interesting place for others when you do!

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