Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lovin' the Light

My brother's response to the big cross picture, (yesterday's post), was "don't you love the light this time of year? I've been taking pictures as a hobby since college, but I never paid much attention to natural light until my brother and I started our "Roadside Retro" series of mid-century Florida signs and icons. At first, it drove me crazy at first that my brother, a professional photographer, wouldn't just go take a picture of something. We had to wait until the light was just right, usually "magic hour" when the sky takes on a bright ultramarine hue.

But in Florida, this is the time for "sweet" light. During the summer, the humidity creates a haze over everything resulting in flat lighting with no definition. That time of year, you have two small windows to shoot outdoors, early and late. This time of year, the light is better longer and the sky is deep blue. When I look out the window, the lake reflects the cyan sky, and the the Spanish Moss hanging from the Live Oaks is illuminated by the sun. I'd love to go shoot some Roadside Retro, but Christmas shopping awaits. But I'd encourage anyone in Florida, to grab a camera and take advantage of the light this time of year, because the humidity will be back before you know it!

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