Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My Michigan grandmother was a real pack rat. She kept newspaper articles, letters, magazines, old pieces of soap, and other pieces of ephemera. So my packratism is genetic. My mom encouraged it by sending me bits and pieces from my Grandmother's attic. On trips to Michigan, climbing up to my to the attic seemed like taking a trip through time created by the colorful old goodies from the past. Maybe that's why I work in an attic surrounded by old stuff today.

Over the years my collection of ephemera has grown and now I supplement it with my own collections. Much of what my mom fed me over years was in the form of vintage postcards. Here are a few celebrating today's holiday, and one from Valentine's Day that is a little confused.

This one from someone named Maura,
says in the true spirit of the St. Paddy's Day,
"Maura is having a good time."

This glamorous card, sent to my mother's uncle
says on the back
"How are the chickens?
Do you get lots of eggs now?"

This "kill two birds with one stone" card was sent in 1916.

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