Friday, March 27, 2009

Roadside Giants Found!

The amazing chronicler of all things roadside, Debra Jane Selzer has found two "lost" Florida roadside giants. First, the Great Dane statue that used to be located on the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando has found a new home in Savannah, Georgia. I was always concerned that it was in dump somewhere, so I'm delighted to see it is still turning heads by the side of the road.

And the Muffler Man that used to be further north on 441 in Ocala is actually still a resident of the Sunshine State and has moved to Auto Air Muffler & Brake City in Tampa. And he's ready to get to work, now holding a giant wrench. According to Wikipedia, Muffler Men were designed as twenty foot tall promotional devices to hold mufflers in their hands. The fiberglass giants were mostly manufactured in California.

For more on Muffler Men and the many disguises they wear, consult the Muffler Men homepage on Roadside America. Here's even more on

Here's some more Muffler men.
This one's in Largo:

This one's in Dade City:
This one's in Arizona:

Be on the look-out for the Uniroyal Girl who used to reside on Hwy 50 in Winter Garden. Folks all across America are looking for her!
Largo and Dade City Muffler Man photos by Kilby Photo


  1. Muffler men are the best! I'm planning a trip to the midwest and there seem to be an abundance of them there, according to

  2. Nice photo you have there of me and Uniroyal Girl. We're even color coodinated.
    We have a Muffler Man here at a campground on the Russian River. It's on Hwy 116 east of Guerneville, CA. He's lumberjack style and holding a big paddle.