Friday, March 20, 2009

My Florida Favorites

Since I started Visual Ephemera in December, I have completed 99 blogs. In celebration of number 100, I'm listing some of my current Florida favorites, based on photos I have presently available. I'd love to list more faves, but until I have more images, I'm going to refrain.

Favorite place to see manatees:
Homosassa Springs

Favorite place to see Bald Eagles nest:
Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando

Favorite motel I really want to stay in:
Driftwood Motel, Vero Beach

Favorite place to watch sunsets:

Ana Maria Island

Favorite boat ride:

Wakulla Springs

Favorite tower:

Bok Tower, Lake Wales

Favorite gift shop:
Presidents Hall of Fame, Clermont

Favorite historic city
St. Augustine

Favorite college campus
Flagler College, St. Augustine

Favorite place to fly
Fantasy of Flight, Polk City

Favorite Polynesian dining experience
Mai Kai, Ft. Lauderdale

Favorite sculpture garden
Ringling Museum, Sarasota

Favorite endangered natural resource
Florida's Springs

Favorite lighthouse

Ponce Inlet

Favorite rotosphere
photo by Kilby Photo

Favorite putt putt
Goofy Golf, Panama City

Favorite bird watching
Merritt Island National Wilderness Area

Favorite forgotten attraction
Stephen Foster Memorial, White Springs

Favorite collection
Presidents Hall of Fame, Clermont

Favorite way to spend a penny
Coin Drop, Citrus Tower, Clermont

The list could go on and on. Some things I couldn't pick because of the number of choices, like favorite Florida bird. I love birds but it would hard to choose between the limpkin, spoonbill, purple gallinule and wood duck. Or favorite restaurant. Or favorite beach. Too many choices.

And it is very obvious that many of my picks are Central Florida-centric. Writing this blog has whetted my appetite to explore more of the state and I am attempting to see the parts I've missed. I love the panhandle and can't wait to see more of it. And South Florida is a treasure trove of history and mid-century marvels.

Thanks to all my readers and keep the comments coming. Let me know what your favorites are and I'll do my best to check them out for myself. Creating Visual Ephemera makes me want to take note of the wonders, large and small, of this state I'm in... I hope it does for you too.


  1. 99 *posts*, my dear, on one blog!

    Fab photos -- keep those coming! (And I'm still plumping for the return of the Kilby Kalendar.)

  2. I am dying to go see Goofy Golf... There's my next weekend getaway!

  3. It is amazing- take lots of pics!

  4. Great stuff Rick! Thanks for sharing the wonders of your state with those of us 3000 miles away.

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