Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finding the Fountain of Youth

Four or five blocks away from the Ponce De Leon Hotel in St. Petersburg is a drinking fountain in the corner of a parking lot, the site of the Fountain of Youth. In a past blog, I mentioned how this feature was originally created on the pier by Dr. Jesse Conrad and then moved to another location in 1946 after a hurricane. Today at this secluded spot near Al Lang Stadium, the drinking fountain takes center stage, flanked by two European-looking lion head water fountains that don't appear to have worked in quite a while and fronted by a sign that may or may not have been from the original attraction. I can report that I tasted the water and it was cool and refreshing, but biologically no reversal of age seems to have occurred. 

Many thanks to my friend Carol who purchased the vintage postcard of the Fountain of Youth for me at the Floridiana Festival this weekend.

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