Thursday, February 12, 2009

Timeless T-shirts

On my recent excursion to St. Pete to go to the Floridiana Festival and Sunken Gardens, I proudly wore my Vintage Roadside T-shirt as seen in the above photo. Vintage Roadside is the brainchild of Jeff and Kelly who live in Oregon with a complete Burger family and a Hamms beer skunk in their backyard. True roadside historians, Jeff and Kelly do detailed research to find authentic advertising from mid-20th century mom and pop business like roadside attractions, restaurants, drive-ins, motels, bowling alleys and skating rinks. For them its all about learning about these places and keeping their memories alive. And a portion of the proceeds are donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. They have T-shirts of places I've never even heard about before, like the Atomic Tunnel formerly of Daytona Beach. So next time you need a gift for someone who cares about preserving the past for future generations, I highly suggest a Vintage Roadside T.

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