Saturday, February 28, 2009

A World of Joy

This week I got closer to finding Joy, learning more about artist Joy Postle from someone who knew her well. This individual is responsible for much I've learned about this fascinating artist and it is due to her efforts that much of the information about Ms. Postle is available. It was wonderful to hear firsthand stories about the artist's joy for life and her drive to create and sustain herself with her talent. As I suspected she was a remarkable individual with a unique spirit.

I was also afforded the opportunity to see more of Joy's work including these marvelous murals. I learned that at one time Joy's home was covered with similar murals, on the exterior of her house. Seeing these room-sized paintings in person, is a completely different experience from looking at the photographs, you are completely engulfed in Joy Postle's world, a colorful place with songbirds on flower-covered trees and elegant wading birds on the shores of pristine lakes. The only intrusion of man is a lonely shack next to an orange grove and a boat drifting in the water. It must be an incredible experience to live in Joy's world and I am glad the owners of the murals are good stewards of the incredible work they possess on their walls!

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  1. Great story, and beautifully written!

    I love your blog, and the discoveries you share in it.

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