Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just for Presidents Day: Abe on Education

In 1960 artist John Zwiefel bought the House of Presidents Wax Museum as a place to display his incredibly detailed model of the White House. Unfortunately the model is on loan much of the time and is rarely home in the Clermont, FL roadside attraction which is now called Presidents Hall of Fame. However, the wax figures remain; delightfully creepy, somewhat ironic in their juxtaposition. Laura Bush near JFK, a smiling Bill Clinton behind a stone-faced Hilary, with FDR taking center stage surrounded by a sea of microphones.

Lincoln speaks as you enter the attraction and the snippet I happened to record has Abe speaking on the value of education. Perhaps our elected leaders in Florida need to hear old Abe as they make drastic cut after drastic cut to the state education budget making it even more difficult for future Floridians to get a decent education in our public schools. Words of wisdom in wax.

Note: Lincoln is located in the gift shop of the Presidents Hall of Fame, and a doorbell rings anytime anyone enters. My apologies for the interruption in the middle of the president's speech.

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