Friday, February 27, 2009

The Vintage Table

I've had some bad experiences with online purchases lately. A book I ordered in December still hasn't arrived, I lost a painting on an Ebay auction at the very last second and another book I ordered mysteriously vanished from the San Fransisco bookstore where it sat on the dusty shelves for years. But the exception to this trend was a purchase from an online outfit called the Vintage Table. Needing a vintage tablecloth for an advertisement I was working on, I found The Vintage Table through a google search. They have a huge assortment of tablecloths to choose from, (over 1,200), and were prompt in responding and in shipping out my order. But most of all I am inspired by entrepeneurs who find a way to make a living from their obsessive passions. The founder of The Vintage Table says on her website "I am obsessed with vintage tablecloths. Yep, I admit it. I dream about tablecloths! I have openly admitted that I would marry a vintage tablecloth if I weren't already married and the right tablecloth came along."

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